Nikon 4-16 (223 specific)

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    Dec 12, 2011
    Ordered a Nikon 4-16 223 BDC reticle (at his request) (side parallelax), store pickup for a customers Savage 223 Model 16 bolt rifle, went through the mounting, set and lapped the rings and levelled and mounted the scope and the scope would not zero, in fact, it was at least 50 moa off in elevation and maximum rotation. I'm scrathing my head so of course I dropped in another scope and it was just fine....

    It went back but a royal PITA. First time that ever happened to me, hopefully, the last time.

    Not a Nikon fan but the customer is always right. It came from Cabelas and it returned to Cabelas, hopefully, some one else don't get it, Cabelas is good for that.