Nightforce "Zero-Stop" question - will this work?

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    Nov 2, 2008
    I'm seriously considering spending the money on a Nightforce Scope with "Zero-Stop" but I'm wondering whether I'm right about one of the things I want to use it for:

    As I understand it, "Zero-Stop" (among other things) will make it much easier for me to use the scope on two different rifles. My thought is that I can 'zero' the scope on one rifle (with a QD mount), set the "Zero-Stop" and then move it to a second rifle- once mounted on the second rifle, I can keep track of the 'clicks' it takes to move from the 'Zero-Stopped' setting to zero on the second rifle. That way, any time the scope is mounted on rifle 1, I can simply use the Zero-stop feature normally; and when the scope is mounted on rifle 2 I can simply dial up 'zero' from the "Zero-Stop" setting and use the scope like any other that doesn't have "Zero-Stop." Is this a reasonable scenario?

    How does the "Zero-Stop" feature actually work? I mean, let's say I have the rifle zeroed and I have it set into the Zero-Stop feature- when I make adjustments for a particular shot and want to return to 'zero,' do I push a button or twist a knob or what?
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    Jul 1, 2008

    The zero stop could be used for multiple rifles if, they had Very similar trajectories and so forth.

    The zero stop is made to be used for one weapon system.

    You simply zero the scope like you would any other scope and then you adjust the clutch mechanism. Once you have done this,( 20-30 Seconds) you can now dial for a shot at what ever range you would like but, when you when you would like to return to your original zero range, you simply dial down until the turret stops.

    So, if you were to switch this scope to another weapon, there would many variables to make it difficult to switch it and not have any MOA deviation.


    I have two AR- uppers that have different twist rates. I have a 1x4 with a zero stop installed and due to the different external ballistic characteristics of the two, I have zeroed the turret for my heavy barrel upper. When i switch the scope to the light weight shorty barrel, there is nearly 2 MOA deviation between the two. Now I have accommodated for this by zeroing the scope 2 MOA low for the heavy barrel. when I switch the scope to the light weight barrel, I just turn the turret to zero and it works with the different twist rate.

    If this does not clear up the picture, give me a call on Monday.

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