Nightforce Velocity Reticles - Subtension info for MOA based shooting with BDC

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    Nightforce Velocity Reticles - Subtension info to MOA bracket for MOA based shooting

    I have not looked much into the Velocity BDC's besides helping my father and brother pick out the best fit for their rifles. I shoot npr1 in my 32 & 42x & npr2 on my 2.5-10x24mm.

    I immediately thought they should include a 10 MOA bracket on these bdc and once I looked at the scopes I was really surprised and relieved to see the 10 moa bracket on the top of the vertical stadia.

    No subtension detail as of yet shows what the MOA distance is from the crosshairs to the bottom of the bracket and while this information could be solved in the field, I just called NF and got the info from the Engineering Dpt.

    • I was told the distance is 16 MOA from the crosshairs to the bottom post of the MOA bracket.
    • I've checked this graphically but have not measured it in the field or with any collimator. Just checked it graphically to make sure I heard NF correctly before posting erroneous info
    • The first post above the horizontal stadia is not -1 MOA from CenterPlex, but the engineered 100 yd aimpoint at Range Power/ Maximum Magnification for each ballistic curve (LV, MV.5, HV, etc.). This of course will vary minutely depending on "optimal sight-in distance" provided by NF's Velocity Calculator
    • While these values are not exactly - 1 MOA, dialing 15, 20, or 25 MOA "UP" will allow a shooter to utilze the bracket in different ways. Of course a precise dialing solution can be determined with your shooting setup. This solution may even be within a margin of one 1/4 MOA Click [​IMG]

    This info allows someone wishing to shoot the BDC to shoot at other ranges or long ranges making more precise hold adjustments, measurements, and quick "pick-up" follow up shots aside from its value as a measurement or estimation tool. This may be out of the comfort zone for most hunter type shooters but it is a very viable option.