Nightforce new Velocity reticles

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  1. Shumba

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    Aug 14, 2008
    Has anyone had any experiece with the new Nightforce Velocity reticles? Particularly in combination with the 338 Edge or other big 338? I am having an Edge built now by Greg Tannell and I am interested in these new reticles but I cannot really find one that matches the trajectory of the EDGE/300 Berger or SMK that is close enogh to dedicate a reticle to it.

    I use a NPR-1 on my 375 Allen Magnum and I would be fine to use it on another rifle but these Veleocity reticles seem great if you have a dedicated rifle and load but as I said I cannot see any of the reticles matching the trajectory of this rifle, close enough to warrant buying a dedicated reticle. The UHV.5 matches the 375 Allen almost perfect but this type of quick reticle is really not needed on the big 375 AM. It would get more use ont the 338 EDGE under hunting contitions. Any thoughts? is anyone using one of these reticles for the EDGE? Maybe my trajectory tables are not run properly.

    HARPERC Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2011
    I haven't got mine yet, but can share my thoughts about going through the same process. My call to Nightforce was well received, they can crunch the numbers for you and verify how close you'll be on the reticle. I believe this kind of reticle is more suitable for a "medium" range rifle the 600 yard model is the one I'm going with. I'm a little dissappointed it's second focal plane, so it's only "dialed" in on 10x (I'm going with the 2.5-10x compact). The "high velocity" reticle runs pretty close with a 6.5 120 Nosler Ballistic Tip at 3100fps. I can't see me using this set-up on small varmints, or on a "long" range gun. When the variables start adding up you're going to have to adjust anyway. I'm looking at a dedicated predator gun. Run and gun style hunting. Well I don't run anymore, but snowmobile and ATV still do, so mobile anyway. Good luck