** Newton dies sold - High Power still available**Newton and High Power dies for sale

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    May 21, 2009
    I'm digging through the catacombs of rifle accouterments and will be listing things I'd like to sell. The first go 'round are some RCBS rifle dies:

    Set 1: RCBS "22 High Power Ackley Improved." 5 dies included. Full-Length sizer, Seater, and three Form Dies. The two plastic boxes are in rough shape but the dies are pristine and never used. Sold as a set (all five dies included). $75.00 plus actual shipping.

    Set 2: RCBS 30 Newton. Full Length and Seat Dies. Very, very, lightly used. Older, RCBS plastic box with t-shaped latch. $35.00 plus actual shipping.

    Set 3: RCBS 35 Newton. Full length and Seater dies. Very, very lightly used. Older plastic RCBS box with old style t-shaped latch. $35.00 plus actual shipping.

    I'm finally cleaning out the catacombs and will post additional items for sale as they are discovered.
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    Re: Newton and High Power dies for sale

    PM sent sir. Scotty