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    Dec 29, 2008
    i am planning on buying a reloading kit soon and a book or 2 to learn how. but i was wounding what is the best powder for reloading .308? im looking to shoot anywhere from 100-500 yds. im not worried about fps. also if any suggestions on bullets that would be great. also lookin for info on 8mm because ill be loading them for a friend while he is away at boot camp
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    Jun 30, 2008
    Big question. What type of rifles? Hunting, Match, plinking?
    Several good powders for .308
    1. IMR4895
    2 IMR4064
    3. Winchester 748
    4. Hodgdon H4895
    5. IMR 4350 in bolt action with heavier hunting bullets
    6 there are other good powders also. The ones that you can find locally at your sporting goods stores would be my pick to avoid shipping and haz-mat costs.
    Primers the same. Some use Federal Match primers for match shooting. I use Remington 9 1/2's but Win, CCi, Federal, Remington large rifle primers will work.
    You mentioned 8mm and I assume it's 8x57 mm Mauser? If so it uses most of the same powders as the .308. Have fun, read, read , read, and be careful.
    If you decide to shoot Hornady bullets, buy their manual, same for Sierra etc. Lyman's 49th manual is a good data manual. ABC's of Reloading is often mentioned. The powder companies have a lot of data on-line for comparison.
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    Nov 25, 2008
    I use Hodgdon Varget in my M700P .308 with very good success. You say your not concerned with FPS...You will be when you start learning and developing loads, especially out to 500 yards.

    When developing loads using a particular bullet, I tend to use the bullet manufacturers data when it comes to powder. That data is more realistic as to what you "could" expect to see as results. Powder companies don't and couldn't possibly test every bullet out there. Bullet companies test the best powders for they're bullets and list they're best results. That's not to say the powders they tested will perform that way in your rifle but it is a better starting point and you can always tweak them in.

    If your planning on using a hunting bullet "terminal impact / controlled expansion" is the first thing I look at in a good Hunting bullet in my rifles effective range. Bullets such as the Barnes Tipped TSX / Berger "Match Hunting" VLD / Swift Scirocco II are all good choices to consider.

    In order to decide which gr bullet you will need you have to consider the game you will be hunting and select the proper gr weight to use.

    As rg1 pointed out "read" as much as you can. Never exceed the recommending powder charge for any one bullet. Your rifle will let you know what it likes and document everything you do...EVERYTHING!!! This hobby can be very gratifying! Have fun and be safe!

  4. Derek M.

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    Jul 12, 2004
    Top powders for 308:

    Varget for 150-165 class
    IMR4064 for 165-168 to 185
    Reloder 15 for 150-185
    Vihtavuori N135, N140, N150, N540, N550

    Many who are more experienced than I with the 308 will likely tell you that VV N140 and N150 are top powders. My experience is mostly with Varget and 4064 and the results are good enough for me to stop trying new recipes.