Newbie questions on Sako in 30-378 Wby

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by qzpm2f, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Jan 7, 2014
    New to the Forum....just a couple of days of reading posts and the info available here is very informative and interesting.....awesome site.

    I just found a used Sako TRG-S (599) stock configuration factory rifle in 30-378 Wby at a local gun shop and thought I'd snap it up as I know these are no longer available.....sounds like a fantastic long distance round and kinda gave me the itch to delve into some long-range shooting (not hunting). Did a search on 30-378 on the forum and didn't find any posts.....must be searching incorrectly. Got a couple of questions......

    1) Can anyone estimate what level of accuracy I can expect from the factory setup using factory ammo? Rifle has a relatively light contour bbl with small factory threaded muzzle brake (brake is same OD as the barrel at the point of attachment). When I say light contour bbl, I mean somewhat thinner than the Weatherby Mark V in 30-378 that was sitting right next to it.

    2) How much can that factory accuracy be improved with some accurizing work on the action but still using the factory bbl? (estimate in MOA)

    3) How much can that factory accuracy be improved with the above action work and a premium bbl?

    4) How much would it generally cost me to have the work noted in #3 above (action work and premium bbl) done? Also, what recommendations for a aftermarket bbl to improve accuracy (manufacturer, contour, length, matl, etc...

    5) If anyone has worked up good loads for long-distance accuracy (approx 1000 yds), what is a good place to start for hand-loading? (powder type, amount, bullet type and weight) and what level of accuracy was obtained with what equipment (stock or premium bbl, action enhancements, etc.)

    6) Bottom line....with my new toy, what's the best "bang-for-the-buck" to start moving toward good (relative term....I know) long range accuracy....800-1000 yds? The funds aren't unlimited as I've still got kids in college, but any suggestions on where to start for some incremental improvements would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for any thoughts....looks like I'll be hanging around this sight for a while....some really good info.
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    May 13, 2012
    1. nope, you're going to have to shoot it. I've seen factory rifles shoot anywhere from .3 moa to 6 moa with factory ammo.
    2. bedding isn't a bad idea but again you are going to have to shoot it to see where you start.
    3. shoot before you flip your wallet out and empty her on your gunsmith's counter.. sako and tikka pipes are known to be rather good for factory bbl.s
    4. gotta talk to a smith, but could be $600 plus for the barrel and a couple of franklins for a bedding job
    5. are you loading already? if not jump over to the reloading sub forum and ask this question there. I load for the 300rum and retumbo, rl25, rl33 are all good powders. As to bullets, I'd go with a controlled expansion sp bt at 180 grains or more, or a match hunting at 210 grains or more.
    6. gotta pay to play.. I'd get into loading for it as weatherby ammo is crazy spendy and see what you've got to do to get it shooting as well as you want after you've got your feet wet.... no sense burning cash on a rig that'll already shoot well

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    Apr 20, 2009
    As a proud 30-378 owner I'll share some of my observations.

    1. Accuracy is what it is, my mk5 shot sub moa, if this is a sako it's likely a custom so I would have reasonable expectations. The round is capable of great accuracy having been a long range wildcat for years.

    2. I would not shoot factory ammo, you can reload for around $1 a piece with a good bullet if you have the brass.

    Your just going to have and try the gun to find out but I would not hesitate because that is a great action.

    I had numerous long range loads for hunting and target using bullets from the 230 Berger to the 180 TTSX and shot over 1200 rds through mine out to,ranges of 2000 yds before having it re-baralled to a 338.

    My best loads used RETUMBO at slightly less than max loads and bullets seated to magazine length, the why freebore makes OAL kind of a non issue:)

    My son and I killed at least one of every big game animal in NM with that gun including an Orxy at 650 yds........

    I actually have some brass and dies for sale in the classifieds right now if you end up with the rifle.