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    Mar 21, 2009
    I bring greetings to you all from the GunShine State of Florida. I'm no stranger to arms I own many....however, I'm fairly new to Long Range Hunting. In the sense that I deer hunt with shots on the corn & soybean fields of Northern Virginia out to about 300~400 yards.

    I'll admit up front that I'm a Savage 10FP lover. However, I own a Howa Axiom (.243) , Winchester Model 70 (7mm REM), Marlin XL7 (.25-06) and hope to soon purchase a .338 (Not sure what make/model/brand).

    I really have no need for a .338 caliber rifle, as I am an avid deer hunter. Hunting with a bow is my preference of choice, but I do love long range's an art.

    I've been reading quite a bit on this forum, and I will continue to read (with minimum interference to the members of this forum) and contribute whenever possible.

    I realize that this forum is geared towards Long Range Hunting, but the plethora of Long Range Shooting information is immeasurably valuable.

    I commend you on a wonderfully maintained forum and look forward to conversing with all here.
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