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    Dec 11, 2008
    I have been thinking about a new trigger for my gun. Yesterday I stopped into one of the local gun shops that caters to long range shooting. They carry after market stocks, nightforce scopes, high end luppy's and stuff like that. Anyway I told the owner that I was considering putting a Timney trigger on my gun. I love how my trigger has absolutely no creep but its a 6 pound trigger. His response was that he prefers to tune the factory trigger and doesn't like Timney triggers. Is there something wrong with Timney triggers or was he just trying to earn a living.

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    People have preferences and that is why trucks come in colors other than mud covered white. I would not read anything into his comment other than his preference.

    I use a Timney on one of mine and I adjusted mine to put a good bit of slack into it and set it at about 2#. The rest of my rifles have very little slack nor creep. The Jewell has some creep that can be irritating sometimes. The worked factory trigger installed by Eddie Harren is a fine trigger and breaks cleanly. They are all very good triggers for an amatuer like me.
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    You never stated what kind of rifle you have nor what trigger it now has. If you want a trigger pull of 2 pounds or more and you have a Rem. 700 I have never had any problems with the stock trigger. You can adjust it with no trouble if you know how. If you want a trigger under 2 pounds you will have to go aftermarket. Timney makes a good trigger for the money.