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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by backyardsniper, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. backyardsniper

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    Oct 9, 2009
    hey guys,
    I just purchased my first 338 lapua. I plan to make it a hunting rifle. It is on the rem 700 police platform. I also purchased the rem 700 5R barrel 300 win mag. I would appreciate any input on bullet selection and loads for either. I am curently looking at the 208 amax with rl 25 in the 300 so i can hopefully use same powder in both rifles. i have a load that is shooting good with 75.5 rl 25 in rem case with wlrm primers however they are no longer available so i will be using ci 250 mag primers it looks like. I have also had some good groups with 210 bergers. My question is are they $22 a box better than the amax. Is the berger 300 the bullet to go to for 338 hunting or would a 250 be just as good. We are looking at mainly whitetail at 1200 or less probably honestly 500 or less, But there will be some paper punching out to 1k+ and i would like to have a one load do it all for the rifle. Like I said I know this is no trg 42 I am just lookinfg for good consistent grouping capable of staying well within the kill zone. Also I neck size for all my other rounds but i have a full lenght sizer for my lapua would you recomend neck sizing it as well and if so what die is the best quality for the money I have a set of forester bench rest dies right now. I use lee collets for my 300 and 308. Also would I really be losing that much if i drop to the 178 a max in my 300 as that is what i shoot in my 5r 308 and it performs very well. Thanks
  2. bigboy_30-378

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    May 4, 2010
    If it makes any difference i'm running the berger 300gr at 2850 with H1000 and 92.0 grains. zero pressure marks. 31in barrel. Given .226 3shot groups

    300 win mag i'm running IMR4350 at 2905 with a berger 185 vld hunting bullets given .120 three shot groups at 65.5 and a 27in barrel

    Far as R25 i use alot of it in the 30-378 but never seen good numbers out of the 300 win far as the 338lm there saying take R22 max load and use that as a start load and don't go over 4grains working your loads. Haven't tried it yet. Highly doubt i will sense H1000 at 92.0 is given the groups its given.

    if thats any help great.


  3. Chas1

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Congratulations on getting a couple of new rigs, any pics? Also the 300gr smk would work well in your 338LM for taking game effectively and paper as well. Enjoy.
  4. 300R

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    Jul 15, 2009
    Nice purchases,i used to have a 700p 338lm i never did try the 300 grainers but it shot the 250's very well, i now have a custom and solely use the 300 smk. The barrels on the rem are a little short for velocity but i would give them a go, if you can get close to 2700fps it would do great,try h1000,retumbo and rl25,cheers.
  5. MSLRHunter

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    Oct 3, 2009
    I can't help much with the 338, but I have a 5R in 300wm and get the best accuracy with 210bergers and H1000. I stopped using the RL22 due to the temp stability, I have not used RL25 but have heard it has temp stability issues as well.