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    Oct 1, 2007
    I have been trying to convince a couple of friends of mine to get another stock for thier LR gun. It was a used 1000 yard comp gun. In it's current state is a 8.5" BAT "M" 1.55 round RB RP in an MBR stock. BBL is a 1K HG contour......1.25 - .92 @ 30" strait taper. Hardly the right stock. I finaly got the OK .....two months before season. Now, they have taken the gun out hunting before, packed in a hard case, but it was so much of a pain that they never take it out any more. I have shot this gun in 1K comp as my backup gun....IT SHOOTS....

    Mc Millan says 4 months for an A5...Or A anything for that matter.....Manners says 3 - 4- months for thier T whatever series....

    Is there anything out there you guys would recomend that would be quicker? I have another friend who uses Boyd Stocks, but I have not looked into them.

    Or is it one of those...."wait....there is no substitute" kinda things?

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    Just looked at third generation supply - nothing but Rem 700 inlets.:rolleyes:

    Contact Joel Russo - could be a good shot or knows where there is one