New Sendero .25-06

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  1. olsingleshot

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    Nov 27, 2006
    My new Sendero arrived yesterday. At first glance I was not impressed at the quality versus the cost. The SS was rough and I had to get a rust like stain off the barrel. The inside of the barrel was just as dirty. So after a good cleaning in and out, a trigger job (3-4.5lbs from the factory but crisp) I loaded up my sight in rounds. 100gr. Sierra Game Kings over IMR 4350 with a velocity of around 3000 FPS. I did not Chrony them.

    Bore sighting and then shooting two at 50yards., then five at 100 yards. I put four in a group of .579". I did have one flyer I did not count but it was .75" away from the four shot group.

    No I did not break in the barrel. I may be sorry but we'll see.
  2. j870sm

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    Nov 11, 2008
    I have several Sendero's in different calibers and have found them all to be really good shooters. I, like you, had trigger jobs done and that helped. I have never done the brake in on a gun but I have not found it to be harmful in any of my rifles.

    You should really enjoy that 25-06, it is flat and fast. I have a couple of 25-06's and I enjoy shooting them. I have taken White tail and muleys and more coyotes than I can rememebr with mine. I took an elk with my M70 25-06 and that critter died really quick.

    I have some pet loads for the 25-06, these have proven to be good out past 300 yds. I am pretty sure they are good out past that but I don't take longer shots than that usually with this caliber.

    I hunt mainly West Texas and the shots out there can be really long. I prefer a heavier bullet for shooting at these ranges. That is why I have the 7 and 300.

  3. benchrest

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    Oct 31, 2008
    I e-mailed rem a few weeks ago and they told me the sendero was not available in 25-06!! How did you get one??