New range of Woodleigh VLD bullets.

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    Nov 3, 2008
    Premium bullet maker woodleigh has advised that they are looking at producing a range of VLD long range bullets in various large calibers.

    They are looking for input from long range shooters to help them design these bullets and let them know where the demand lies.

    According to Geoff Mc Donald , owner of Woodleigh bullets. They already have plans for VLD solids in 338, 408, 375, 50 cal and 55 Boyes. And are looking for markets.

    When asked "Do you want SN or solids?" I told him that expanding type bullets were more desirable and would be more popular.

    This is the chance to get in at the ground floor and help a premium bullet maker design bullets to suit the long range hunter. They are looking for new markets and direction from end users.

    So let them know that there is support for new products in this area and give them some helpfull advice on what you want made.

    By the way, I am in no way linked to this business. I just want to lend support to a small business that may provide us with quality long range bullets in the future.


    Geoff McDonald.

    Woodleigh Bullets
    PO Box 15, Murrabit, VIC, 3579, Australia

    Ph. 61 3 5457 2226
    Fax. 61 3 5457 2339
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