New Night force Reticle

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  1. toddconley

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    Nov 21, 2006
    I am considering buying a 2.5-10 32 for my 7mm wsm Abolt browning. With the new balistic reticle. I am torn between the 2.5-10 and the 3.5 15 for it. I wouldnt be spending this kind of money on it except the rifle shoot like a house a afire and I will always be keeping it even though it is not a custom. Here are my arguments. I think the 2.5-10 wins but I would love to hear why or why not.

    The Good for the 2.5-10
    2.5-10 Half the weight of the 3.5-15 my rifle weighs about 6.5 without the scope dont want it too heavy most likley will pack it on my next elk hunt.
    Reticle that matches my load exactly according to their calculator out to 600 yds. Dont care about elevation when you are in a hurry enough to use the reticle the small stuff doesnt matter. Also can dial for fun stuff way far away.

    Bad not as much magnification.

    Good for 3.5-15 more mag

    Bad heavier bulkier
  2. AJ Peacock

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    Oct 7, 2005
    For a light rifle, the 2.5x10 wins hands down. If you want more magnification for a light rifle, get a Leupy. I have some light rifles and some heavy NXS's, I'd never consider putting them together.