New Mil Spec AR 15 Parts

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Factory new Mil-Spec AR-15 Parts Kit

    Lower parts kit to include:
    Bolt Catch
    Bolt Catch Plunger
    Buffer Retainer
    Buffer Retainer Spring
    Disconnector Spring
    Hammer Pin Stainless Steel
    Hammer Spring
    Magazine Catch
    Magazine Catch Button
    Magazine Catch Spring
    Pistol Grip
    Pistol Grip Lock Washer
    Pistol Grip Screw
    Pivot Pin
    Pivot pin Detent
    Pivot Pin Detent Spring
    Selector Detent
    Selector Detent Spring
    Takedown Pin
    Takedown Pin Detent
    Takedown Pin Detent Spring
    Trigger Guard
    Trigger Guard Roll Pin
    Trigger Pin Stainless Steel
    Trigger Spring
    $50.00 Plus Shipping

    Factory New Mil- Spec AR-15 Parts

    Firing Pin $2.99
    Spring Detent Pin Set for Pivot and Takedown pin (2 pins, 2 springs) $2.99
    Buffer Detent and Spring $1.99
    2 Trigger Hammer pins, Stainless Steel $1.99
    Cam Pin $2.99
    Magazine Catch Assembly $4.99
    Trigger Guard And Roll Pin $3.99
    Crush Washer For Flash Hider $1.99
    Bolt Catch $4.99
    Extractor And Spring $9.99
    Selector Detent and Spring $1.99
    Disconnector, Stainless Steel $2.99
    Lower Spring Kit (9 springs) $3.99

    All prices are plus shipping from Fayetteville, NC via US Mail (cheapest way)