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    Apr 30, 2012
    I found this site researching Shawn Carlocks website and a few others recently. I live in N Idaho. I lived in central Montana for quite a few years, trapper for many years, predator hunter at the same time, Prairie Dogs every chance I could, and lots of big game from Mountain tops to deep canyons and the magnificent high plains and breaks of the Judith Basin and Big Muddy. I trained on predators with Craig O'Gorman, of Broadus MT way back a long time ago, that's where I got my Ruger M77 Featherweight 220 Swift. Im looking into a real long range shooter stick sometime soon and this site has opened the book for me to learn what is really out there. Ive shot 220 swifts for predators for many years, love that round, have 2 of them and after being on this site, may want to have them worked on for better accuracy for longer ranges. Ive shot to 600 yards with them, but need some help to get better at that range. Ive got a couple 243 wins, used on predators and deer, Mtn goat, an old 300 WBY that is a good shooter but groups need to be better for long range like over 600 yards. I'll be looking at many of this sites posts for info and then start asking questions. I know to shoot much farther I need to look into a real 1000 yard + Gun. I KNOW I found the right spot to learn and grow from, so I look forward to the discussions and threads coming yet -------


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