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    Jun 12, 2013
    No Location because it's changing frequently lately....

    Hi everyone. I'll start off with I'm currently active duty in the US Air Force, and I love being an Airman. I'm a dedicated family man first, and outdoorsman second. I love to be outside doing all kinds of things from cutting firewood to grilling with the wife and of course shooting my rifles! I got my first rifle when I was 5, it was a Davey Cricket .22, that I had until I was 9. I got my first hunting rifle when I was 10, the legal hunting age where I'm from, and I just never could get enough. I've been cruising this site for a while picking up a LOT of information under the username "xilovegunsx". Nothing bad from that account, just decided I needed a new username to reflect my new career. I got into reloading about two years ago and have been slowly building up my skill level and experience. At about the same rate my pocket allows for :rolleyes: I currently reload for 300WM, 308Win, 243Win, and 44 Rem Mag. I'm always on the site looking for opinions and insight on how to do things and as I get more into reloading and setup my rifles the way I want them I'll be posting more and more looking for feedback and help on those things. I'm currently in training right now without access to my rifles and gear but plan to be get back in the game ASAP and will be posting some results/pics for some new gear that I'm picking up while my shooting/reloading is on hold.'s to a "new" start for me in a lot of ways.

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    Welcome to LRH and enjoy ... and thanks for your service.

    As you already know, there are lots to be learned here and many wonderful people willing and able to share their experiences.

    I too am in the Air Force, well I retired in 2007 but still work for the DAF (civil service) at Malmstrom AFB, MT. My son is a 1LT with special ops (U-28s) at Hurlburt Field.

    Again, welcome and good luck to your USAF career. Cheers!