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    Nov 9, 2007
    My new Remington SPS varmint in 308win is here, I have finished phase one, the barrel was cut to 25" with the end threaded and a cap made from the missing 1", the prototype muzzle break is ready for testing, it has 2 3mm 45 degree cuts in it at the moment but I'm thinking that I will increase them to 5mm, the trigger has been set at a very crisp 2.5lbs but that might go down to 2lbs or even 1.5lbs yet.

    As soon as I can get a Badger ordnance scope rail ( just deciding on a zero or 20moa cant ATM) I will swap mounts over and put the Badger standard rings on and get rid of the Leupold ones that are on it at the moment.
    The scope is a Leupold Mark 4 long range/T M3 in 3.5-10X40, I have never been a fan of Leupold scopes but I needed the right mechanics for a long range rifle, I have to now eat humble pie as I have often said that no Leupold could compare to a Kahles and now I have to admit I was wrong :-[ I still won't ever buy a VXIII or even a Mark 4 and I have tried and disliked the Mark 4 M1 but this M3 rocks, It's still not as clear as a Kahles but it is very close but it is the solid construction and mechanics that really impress me.

    In January-February (fingers crossed) the McMillan M40A1 (HTG) stock for it should get here along with the Badger ordnance M5 bottom metal for which I have managed to acquire a number of 10 round mag's for. To finish it off will be a Harris 6-9" tilt bi-pod.

    1) With the break on, this break is a work in progress so I will keep you posted.


    2) With the break removed and the end cap on.


    3) the action


    4) through the scope, I love how unlike a traditional mil dot scope this reticle is uncluttered and will still work great as a hunting scope.


    Two 3 round groups from the 1st outing to the range.

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    Jul 1, 2002
    Welcome , get us a close up of that brake.

    it looks like you have the bse for a great LR starter rig.