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    May 20, 2012
    My name is Jonnie that's Lonnie with a J in front. My dad did that to me, guess he thought people pronouncing it Joanie would toughen me up as the song goes. I've been shooting far back as I can remember. I did my first rifle build project in Jr. High school shop. I took a 1903-A3 and completely customized it. It will shoot 3/4" groups at 100 yards. I was captain of my collage rifle team and graduated in 1969 planning an Army career, thats when it was found I was 75% deaf (wear your hearing protection). I was able to join a Texas Guard unit and gave them 12 years of service. Got married in 70, she has put up with me for 42 years. My best man described me as being obcessed with projectiles at that time. I have been reloading since I was 12 and in high school I could quote the Lyman ballistics tables. I was an electrical contractor for 30 years and aquired 9 peaces of realestate to retire off of and hunt on. I have tought and coached rifle, archery, shotgun and became a certified handgun instructor in 2005. I started studing ARs 2 months ago and have built 2 lowers. I was looking on line for barrels to build the uppers with and a classified from this forum poped up. I have looked around and read some of your threads. I like the rules and the atmospher here better than any of the other forum I belong to.:)