New lightweight 284 Winchester XP-100 tests.....

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    Jun 12, 2004
    To all,

    Just finished up a project for a very well known worldwide handgun hunter that will be taking this handgun on a Marco Polo sheep hunt this coming winter(Jealousy is a terrible thing and I have a serious case of it!!!!!)

    Anyway, the XP was originally a custom from SSK inducsties in 284 Win. I have made several XPs for this customer so he sent this one to me to work over, true up the receiver if needed and fit a new lighterweight Lilja barrel with a more efficent muzzle brake.

    Got her finished up a couple weeks ago and have been waiting for decent weather to test her out. The customer wanted to use the 140 gr Accubond loaded to as high a load as we could possibly get because on the hunt, the temps will be MUCH cooler and the altitude will also me extreme.

    I tested Rl-19, Rl-22, H-4831 and H-4350 and found Rl-19 to be the best overall for this handgun. Velocity spreads were quite tight running around 15 fps which is not to bad in a short barreled XP with this bullet weight. Also, I was very happy with the velocity potential.

    60.0 gr of Rl-19 filled the case full. We are running around 101 to 102% load density and pressures still seemed comfortable but on the upper end. I say that because there were no noticable ejector marks on the case head, extraction was perfect and primer pockets held snug throught testing.

    Velocity with the 17" Lilja barrel came out with an average of 2880 fps with the 140 gr Accubond over 60.0 gr Rl-19.

    100 yard groups consistantly printed groups from just under 1/2 to just over 1/2" triangles. I was plenty happy with this from the lightweight #3 contour Lilja barrel.

    Yesterday the weather improved enough to set up for some longer range shooting. I plugged the numbers into my ballistic program and figured the estimated drop and matched it up with the Burris Ballistic Plex reticle in the 3-12 Burris handgun scope.

    The drop chart I generated wanted a 200 yard zero so I set up at 100 yards and shot a few sight in shots and then some three shot groups for zero. All groups were in the 1/2 moa range, some slightly less again, some slightly more but the XP zeroed well at 200 yards.

    I then drove back to the longest range I can on my property with this back stop location. I had set up the 20" steel gong for a target.

    I ranged the gong and the Swaro reported a range of 476 yards. The drop chart listed a hold 3/4 the way down from the second to third reference point on the reticle.

    By the time I had set up the wind had picked up noticably. It was coming from my 10 o'clock position varying from 8 to 15 mph.

    I set up for the first shot and held to the left, half way between the center and left edge of the 20" gong with the correct vertical adjustment according to the drop chart.

    I lost view of the gong but heard the solid impact of the Accbond. I regained the field of view in the scope and saw the lead smear very clear in the 12x scope. The shot went wide to the right and was about an moa low and also an moa to the right.

    I took the same vertical hold but this time held on the left edge of the plate and let another round go. This shot was slightly lower and about 1/2 moa to the left of center.

    I now had my reference hold. The actual bullet flight was dropping about more then predicted. Actual hold was roughly 1/4 the way down between the third reference point and the bottom hash.

    I let the barrel cool a bit and then set up for a serious group with the known drop and windage.


    This is a pic of the gong after a total of seven shots, two sighters and then a final 5 shot group. The last shot of the five was the one on the lower left part of the center group. It could have been me pulling or it may have been simply the barrel getting warm a bit after teh four previous shots. None the less a quality group from such as lightweight XP.

    You can see the effect of the winds and the lack of vertical from the tight velocity spreads with this load. The top four shots went into a group just shy of 3". The center three which were shots #1, #2 and #4 measured a very respectable 1.8" ctc.

    Even with the last shot, the total group was still just a hair over 5" or just very slightly over 1 moa for 5 shots at nearly 500 yards.

    I think three will be a marko polo ram in serious trouble this coming winter. I know that Mark is a MUCH better handgun shot then I am so he will do some amazing things with this XP-100.

    By the way, Mark shoots off a pack for a support. No bipods or rear rests or anything like that so I tried to do the same and shot over a rolled pad. I much prefer to use a bipod for the front rest. This may have been the reason for the horizontal stringing. The wind was variable as well but my grip with a horizontally unsupported XP is not what it used to be because of lack of practice. I am sure this XP will easily hold 3/4 moa at 500 yards with a more practiced pilot.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell about this new XP. Componants are:

    McMillan stock
    Lilja 17" #3 contour barrel
    Trued Xp-100 receiver
    Holland QD muzzle brake
    Burris one piece base
    Burris Sig rings
    Burris 3-12 handgun scope.
    Trigger adjusted to clean 1 lb slip.
    Matte finish on barrel/brake

    Good Shooting!!!

    Kirby Allen(50)
  2. yotefever

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    May 27, 2006
    Very nice looking. I'm having a new one made this year by Rich at MOA. Looks like it's going to be a 7-376 Styer.

  3. Dan B

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    Jan 16, 2002
    I'm sure that Mark will be well pleased!! I know that he is anxiously waiting to get his hands on another APS creation.

    Mow much does that gun weigh as it is in the picture? I would not mind having a lightweight medium bore XP built.
  4. hshunter

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    Feb 8, 2006
    Sounds like another excellent job, I have read a few articles about that particular handgun, i had heard you were reworking it. I know he will be pleased with it. will be great to here how it works on the sheep. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif
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    Feb 26, 2003
    Wow, what a nice setup usual. I've used the plex post tips for windage reference before on the 3-12X BP. It's right at 2.0 MOA x-hair to post tip on that reticle.