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    Apr 6, 2009
    60 yr old recycled shotgunner,not new to reloading but things have changed in the last 30 yrs. I have shot game both BIG and small on several continents and consider myself fortunate to have done so. 39 years married to same lovely , understanding woman with no children. Shoot rifles weekly and shotguns monthly and find myself trying to make sporter rifles shoot to the same level of my benchrest guns. ( frustrating) Passion for shooting never wanes and the smell of burnt powder is just as appealing as perfume and suntan lotion. I hope to take my wife to Africa for one last safari but I am caregiver for my parents in their 80's and can't commit the desired 5-6 weeks for the trip. Love beautiful wood and metal on guns but appreciate the stuff that works in composites . I deer hunt in Low country of SC from mid august to Januaury w/rifle. I want to buy a farm to retire to in the near future, love to walk flat ground and long range shooting of any type. UNC 71 graduate and I routinely kept 5 or more guns under my dorm room on campus and I was not considered eccentric back then. Have Gun Will Travel is my mantra, then and now. Rod
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    Jun 11, 2005
    Welcome to Long Range Hunting Rod.

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    Rod, I can tell you will fit right in here!