New hobby - Old passion

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    Feb 4, 2009
    I started shooting chipmunks in Garrett County Maryland on the family farm years ago with my dad's open site single shot 22 rifle. My dad saw that my brother and I progressed to a pump 22 with a scope. Later for white tail deer I used a single shot 20 ga shot gun, 30-30 open site and on to a .234 with a scope. After my 4 years of Navy service my dad helped my new wife pick out a 30-06 Remington from Northcraft Firearms to get me back to my roots. I loved shooting....that was 26 years ago. After moving across the state, to Florida and back to Maryland again my shooting was pushed aside and my rifle sits in the closet with dust on it. Shame on me. Lately, I've been thinking that long range shooting would be a nature progression for me. I know that I need to start out with the basics and move up. I am hoping that the members of this site will help me get the most out of this new-to-me sport and re-engergize my life.
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    Welcome to Long Range Hunting.

    We've got the group of guys here that can help you. Read a lot and feel free to ask any questions you may have. There's always somebody around that can help you.