New guy , trying to learn a little .

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Have shot rimfire benchrest for a # years and quite a bit of long range rimfire p. dogs , but just bought a Remington Long Range Tactical in 300wm . I see right off that you guys shoot longer than I want to but I also know from the benchrest game , the stuff I learn here will help me with my new beanfield rifle shooting 600 and in on whitetails . My beanfield rifle up to now has been a 112-j in 25-06 , and have shot several up to 450 and one at a little over 5 but I have never been real fond of the 100gr Nosler BT , but it shoots so good in my gun I cant let it go . If I move up to a 165/180 I know it will be better performance on the game . I have a 12x Leupold on it now but will scope it different for hunting . Thanks for all the stuff I will learn , this seems like a good bunch of shooters .
    PHILLIP from western Ky

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Welcome to LRH and enjoy! Excellent choice of caliber. I'm a big fan of the .300WM and own a couple.

    I too am learning a lot here from the pros. Good luck!