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    Feb 24, 2009
    Hi, I am a new guy when it comes to long range hunting, but am very particular about what we do and always have an ear open for experience. Below are my two setups:
    1971 Browning BAR Safari 338 win mag
    -obviously handloading, with 200 grain accubonds with .50 MOA best 3-shot group so far. This gun sports a Leupold VXII 3-9x40 for now, until I get my feet wet at 300 yards, then I'll switch to a nightforce or something else. I always like starting low, so I can then appreciate the features on a more expensive scope.

    1994 Ruger M77MKII in 6mm Rem
    -for the smaller creatures, this gun is souped up and is my baby, am getting a riflebasix trigger and hogue full length on it. Most importantly, it now shoots sub MOA groups with the horrible trigger that the M77MKII's are notorious for, I can't wait to see how good my homecooked loads shoot with the new trigger and stock. On this gun, I have a Nikon 3-9x40 Buckmasters scope on it. I didnt put a long range scope on it because I want to still have the option to deer hunt with it.

    I know that this is a "long range" forum and I plan to expand my range slowly, but surely. I am now shooting at 300 yards and am learning about the variables that begin to come into play (wind, temp., bullet drop above MPBR, etc...).

    I think that my key to success for my 338 auto will be handloads. I've heard nothing but negative things about the BAR for distance shooting, but have had nothing but success with this gun as far as accuracy and ejection goes. Will it make a good distance shooter with the right scope? Any suggestions for handloading the 200 gr nosler accubonds for long range? I am currently using the following load, but always am open for suggestions for improvement: Nosler 200 gr AB, Rem brass, 72 grains of IMR4831, COAL 3.30" and CCI #250.
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    Jan 29, 2009
    Welcome! First of all long range is different for everybody. One guy might be working on getting out to 400 yards while another already consistently shoots sub MOA at 1000. So I think that you should decide if your equipment is up to the task. Who knows, if you keep going you might end up like many of us and have a few customs as well high end productions in your future.

    Again welcome.

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    Feb 2, 2005

    As you get to reading more and more and learning about long range shooting/hunting, you'll find out your mind starts doing flips. :)
    Don't freak out, I think it happens to all of us, it's just part of the learning process.

    Again, welcome.