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    Mar 27, 2012
    Hi everyone! I found this site on Facebook and signed up a while back. Been getting the newsletter by email for a few months now, and browsing the forums. Figured it was time to introduce myself.

    Call me Giester. I'm from California, tired of it, looking to get out as soon as I can. I've had my Winchester Model 70 Classic Sporter BOSS, in 30.06 since new in '97. I've upgraded it with a John Plaster "Ultimate Sniper" composite stock, a Redfield 3-9X40 TV View BDC scope, and had it cryo-accurized by 300 Below.

    I had one hell of a time getting it dialed in at first. (The so called, Sweet Spot) I had no idea where to start, and no one really to help, since no one I knew had a BOSS system on their rifle. After a year or so of shooting different factory loads, with wildly mixed results, I found a Forum that catered to BOSS owners, both Winchester and Browning A-Bolt versions, and learned that they were discontinued for the very reasons I was dealing with. After talking with a guy that had worked out his issues and got his rifle consistently on paper with 3 shot 1/2" groups @ 100 yards, I figured I would keep the rifle and try my hand at reloading.

    It worked! I started with a bag military brass and Sierra 168gr HPBT Match bullets that I Moly Coated myself, as well as match grade primers and varied the powder type and charge till I was getting consistent 3 round groups. But I wasn't satisfied with that. The rifle holds 5 rounds, and it really ticked me off that unless I waited for the barrel to cool, the last two rounds were erratic fly aways, and missed the 10 ring often by as much as 3 inches and sometimes as much as 6.

    So I went in search of a solution. And found it in an unlikely place. My job. I was an auto mechanic at the time, and a welder/fabricator as well that helped out a friends dirt track street stock race team. Talking to my friend about an issue he was having with engine wear, he told me about Cryo-tempering. And that this process added stability and longevity to his engine components. I looked into it online, and found that the company also performed this process for military and civilian weaponry. I was sold. I disassembled my rifle and sent it to them, and what I got back was simply astonishing!

    I could now shoot consistent, 5 shot, 1/4" groups @ 200 yards, with no wait between groups! So with the rifles issues squared away, I decided to try something different. I bought 1000 5.56 SS109 Nato bullets and a large bag of sabots. Then went to work.

    But that's a story for a non work night. :)