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    May 1, 2008
    I moved to Alaska 32 years ago from southern Minnesota. I was raised on a 140 acre farm with 30 dairy cows, 30-40 hogs, a bunch of chickens, a few dogs, and 2 sisters and 4 brothers, of which I am the oldest. Our farm had 20 acres of high ground to hunt jack rabbits, lots of corn fields to hunt pheasants, and twenty acres of woods to hunt white tail deer and trap a racoon every now and then. We also had a large marshy lake nearby to hunt ducks and trap muskrats. I could walk to whatever kind of hunting I desired, and loved it.
    I planned to farm when I grew up, but the farm was sold shortly after I graduated. During the summer after 5th grade, I fell out of the back of the pickup while our family was on the way to the swimming hole, and landed on my head. That must've been when I decided to move to Alaska and become a bush pilot and hunting guide - I did hit pretty hard! Or maybe the Sears pup tent and sleeping bag that I got for my 8th birthday is what influenced me to move up here.
    At any rate, I now live in Alaska and own and operate a big game guide service that specializes in Dall Sheep and Brown/Grizzly bear hunts - Alaska Remote Guide Service. We also market 2 Moose calling and hunting instructional DVDS - "Love, Thunder & Bull in Alaska", volumes 1 & 2 - and a fiber glass moose call - The "BULL MAGNET" (trade marked name).

    Instead of driving a tractor I fly a Super Cub, and instead of raising cows and pigs, I hunt dall sheep and Brown/grizzly bears near Mt. McKinley. Also my tent has grown into a hangar on a lake with a magnificent mountain view in the back ground. I have some great deals on 2008 hunts, and will pay $500.00 towards license and tag fees to long range hunting members who book a 2008 hunt (some conditions apply). Let me know if you are interested.
    Wayne Kubat dba Alaska Remote Guide Service
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    Jun 11, 2005
    Welcome to Long Range Hunting Wayne. You come pretty highly recommended from what I've been seeing and reading.;);)

    That's a very generous offer to members of LRH. I hope some will take you up on it. Alaska is a beautiful place and you're lucky to be able to make a living in such a beautiful part of the USA.

    If you've got any pics of hunts and successful clients that you could post on here, in addition to those we see on your web site, I'm sure there are a few thousand guys hanging around here that would like to see them.:)

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    May 10, 2007
    G'day Wayne !

    Welcome aboard my friend.

    If only we had AK Down Under ! There would sure be some killin' goin' on

    Cheers for now

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    Jan 13, 2008
    Nice to hear from you, and Welcome. I have friends who live in Palmer, and my grandpa lives in Haines. Alaska is the most beautiful state in my opinion.