New 338 Viper action

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    Jun 13, 2007
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    We need to update the sight with more info on the Predator line. For F-Class, we also have a dedicated action. It is a full stainless Viper, built in 20 MOA Picatinney rail and lug. It is very nice and a full blown benchrest rig. It is $1300.

    PS. Be on the lookout for our new 338 Lapua action coming up. It will be a little larger (0.050) than a remington but still not too big to fit normal stocks. It will be designed for the task, not just adapted to it. Look for about $800 to $850 on it.

    Jerry Stiller, President Stillers Precision Firearms, LLC

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    this was just posted today on snipers hide. Thought the LR community would want to know. Viper actions are top of the line.

    Recommend calling and putting your order in now. That is going to be one hot action when it comes out.