new 30-06 remmy for pa. whitetails

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    Nov 15, 2006
    hi all,
    long time no talk to.
    i got a new to me /used remmy 700 adl 30-06 as an early christmas present.
    it was made july 1978 and looks brand new, the old owner, an older gentleman, says he only shot it 4 times, and it has sat ever since... and it looks it.
    the jeweling isn't even worn on the bolt !!

    so i had a box of 180 grain winchester factory loaded silver tips laying around, and decided to try an experiment.
    i took the bone stock gun out , with trigger adjusted only, and shot a 2" group with pressure fitted barrel and no bedding.
    i free floated the barrel and bedded the action and now as witnessed by a few at the range is an honest 1" gun with factory ammo.

    the delemia i have is i want a new mcmillan stock, and can't decided which i want.
    i have extra bottom metal, to make it a bdl of sorts, everything is gloss blued and a 22" barrel.
    i already have an edge ultralight on a winchester model 70 classic 300 wsm , and am awaiting a forest green/black/white marble bdl pattern for my 300 rum.

    i like the mountain rifle pattern, have a factory wood classic and bdl already, so i am familiar with those patterns.

    which would you all chose and what colors ???

    also should i get it factory pillared ??

    black is black and cheap looking to me, i like the forest g, marble color, so i am looking for something different.

    i would like to keep it light as possible, something slim and clean for the short barrel.

    oh choices, choices......

    and i have a remmy la sendero stock for help towards a trade if someone has a mcmillan to fit my wants....

    and to fill in on how the elk season went, the texans, sucked air thru their butts at the altitude, and all in all, 2 cow elk were taken.
    one at 723 yards by me with the 300 rum, with 150 grain tsx's, and the other with a 6.8 spc, at 42 yards with 110 grains tsx's.

    i know heavy is better, but 150's group in a ragged hole, and over 3600 fps !! well, they fly fast and true...

    take care all, i'll check in again soon..
    ya missed a great hunt..