New 243 Rifle vs/6mm AR Turbo Upper?

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    Feb 17, 2010
    I have been looking at 243 rifles both on LRH, as well as new ones from my local gun shop and Cabelas. On my search on LRH, I stumbled upon a link to the 6mmAR web site. I started reading about the 6mm turbo 40, and what I read was pretty interesting to say the least. On one hand, you could buy a new rifle like a T/C Venture, or alike....On the other is this sweet looking upper that would drop on my Stag AR-15 lower, and they say they are "tack drivers"? The 6mm turbo 40 was pretty pricey, at I think $1,300 or so? T/C venture is less than $500.00? $800.00 would buy a heck of a scope for the venture? Does anyone have, or has anyone shot the 6mm turbo 40? I don't mind spending extra money on something that is a for sure good bet, but this is not something I am sure of?
    Thanks for your input ahead of time.....That's what I love about this site!!:)
    Can someone give me the down side of the 6mm turbo 40, and / or the upside to the 243 rifle? Reloading costs, balistic differences, anything that could sway someone, one way or the other? I had 40 something reads, but a big fat "0" replies?
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