new 12fvss 300wsm report

Discussion in 'Equipment Discussions' started by learjet, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. learjet

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    Jul 9, 2007
    i know its not a custom big bore, but so far im likin it. i purchased a 12fvss in 300wsm a couple weeks ago. ive got a couple buddys w 10fp tactical/LE savages in 308, and they recomended i buy the same. however, i tend to be hardheaded, and just had to have something a bit different. these guys shoot their 308s to1k yds, and ive been awfully impressed w their performance and out of the box accuracy.

    last week i fired 9 rnds or so just to get my rifle broke in a bit, and to check overall functioning. i mounted my cheapo tasco scope w junk rings on it while i decide what opptics to eventually buy for this rifle. out of the box i wasnt impressed w the factory stock, not only is it flexible, but their were lots of sharp lines on it leftover from the casting. i sanded all these off, removed the hockeypuck buttpad and replaced it w a limbsaver. cleaned her up good and proceeded to the range again yesterday to start load development. i had some leftover H4350 around, and loaded a midrange charge of it behind some S165GKHPs(my alltime favorite deer bullet), and my favorite 30cal plinkin bullet, the S110HP varminter. this rifle has the 26" fluted barrel. had really no idea what to expect accuracy wise, ended up w a cold bore shot appx 2.5" low, then a combo of GKs and Varminters in a 3/4 moa group. wow..made a scope adjustment and fired 3 more 110hps in a <1/2moa group. hmmm so much for load development...

    not sure how much more i can ask of this rifle, looks like these loads will do fine for groundhog and deer hunting. next step is to work out some lapua 155 scenars, and 175 and 190g sierra match loads for LR gong ringin. will also look into some LR game bullets, any recomendations for the 300wsm?

    while im not crazy about the factory stock, it is pillar bedded, and w what little shooting ive done so far its not costing me any accuracy. i dont plan on replacing it atm.

    as usual savages just plain shoot!

  2. ol mike

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    Aug 21, 2005
    Game bullets get a dukes mixture of bullets and see what it loves -i really like the 300 wsm -never had one but will someday i recon.

    I'd get a box of 208 hornady a max -210 berger vld's - some JLK's -heck toss some 240 smk's just to say you did..

    Also great shooting of coarse ,there are a few write-ups on stiffening the stock =bedding aluminum rod the length of the forend etc..

    Well good luck -not that you need anymore w/ that rifle..

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    Nov 6, 2006
    Thanks for the report. I just bought a 112 FLVSS (left hand long action) in 300 win mag. I just hope to get similar results. There isn't much info on the net about the FLSS in the bigger cartriges.