New 10-shot Heavy Gun World Record score - new brass with no case prep

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    May 2, 2001
    Record-Setting Load: .300 Weatherby Mag, 240gr SMKs, H4831SC, Fed 215Ms
    Ken set the record with a .300 Weatherby Mag shooting 240gr Sierra MKs, seated 0.028″ off the lands. His load was 72.0 grains of Hodgdon H4831sc pushed by Federal 215M primers.

    Brucklacher 1000 yard recordBrucklacher used Norma .300 Weatherby brass “right out of the box”. You read that right… Ken set the record with brand new Norma brass with no case prep whatsoever. He didn’t touch the flash holes or primer pockets — in fact Ken didn’t even chamfer the case mouths. This was brand new brass, not fire-formed. According to Ken, he “just added a primer, filled the cases with powder, and shoved in a bullet.”

    While Ken does not point his bullets or trim meplats, he did weigh and measure the 240gr MatchKings (base to ogive) before loading. Ken has not chronographed this load so he doesn’t know the velocity. Ken didn’t do any special load tweaking for this record group. However, he explained that he changed his seating depth last summer, going from .018″ jump to .028″ jump. That minor change, Ken noted, “really seemed to close up the groups”.

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    1. We all know belted cases are not accurate.

    2. We all know that with a belted case they will not shoot good unless you headspace off the shoulder.

    3. We all know that the double radius shoulder is just a marketing ploy by Roy Weatherby to sell guns to people who do not know anything about guns.

    4. We all know that you must own a chronograph in order to shoot a rifle long range .


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    Very impressive! Sounds like he might pull that trigger a bunch...