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    Jul 1, 2002
    After considering the expense of sleeving and accurizing a Rem action I decided to add a couple hundred more and go with a Nesika Large action. This was all done through a gunsmith out of state. Well the gun finally arrived many months later and several months after that I finished the stock and all the polishing, fitting etc (I'm a mirror shine junky). It was around this point that I called Nesika and spoke to Mike about a couple of problems. The knob was not what I thought I had ordered (honest error on all parties) and the scope (big ol Nightforce) was .015" to close and touched the barrel. Mike said no problem..."we don't make a knob like you are describing but 'll find one and send it to you AND if you can wait a month till we are making bases I'll make you one that is .050" taller. Just send the other one back." Now this Nesika action is truely a work of art but the service is just as impressive. My new bolt knob came today-no charge
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    Apr 11, 2002
    I also ordered a Nesika bay action. The service was great. I had it shipped to my gunsmith Dave Tooley to be chambered in a 338 imp. as soon as it was ready, so I havent seen it yet. Cant wait to get it. A friend of mine ordered a action also and I got to see it before he shipped it out. It was really nice.
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    Nesika actions are among the best. Wire edm machining is the most accurate way of machining. I use one at work and would like to find prints for an action and build one myself.

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