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  1. matt_3479

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    Jan 31, 2010
    Like you guys might know i am in the market for a 300. win mag sendero. I had a gentlemen contact me selling a Remington 700 P 300. win mag with a Bell and Carlson A2 stock with full aluminum bedding with the action glass bedded and trigger has been worked on. I will probably change the trigger with a timney anyways but it comes with a few things;

    Here is a list of everything else that I have for .300 win mag:
    98 loaded shells with 208 grain amaxes
    59 loaded shells with hunting bullets
    200 federal gold medal large magnum rifle primers
    200 winchester large magnum rifle primers
    51 new empty brass
    (I have some once fired brass, I need to get a count on it)
    300 hornady 208 grain amax bullets
    Forster micrometer bullet seater, full length sizer and neck sizer
    4 fifty round bullet boxes (mtm brand i believe)
    1 rcbs shell plate
    I also have a mike lucas bore guide enroute

    Its all for 1575. I was wondering what you guys thought? is it worth it? he has no pictures of groups and it has less then 50 rounds. I know a guy who will bed a stock for me and his friend will do the trigger work and action work if i go for the sendero instead.

    Whats your guys opinions?
  2. rscott5028

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    Apr 18, 2010
    You won't know until you shoot it.

    But, it doesn't seem unreasonable with all the extras.

    I would probably pull the bullets and start from scratch on the handloads.

    If that's his accuracy load, you should be able to work up to it fairly quickly.

    -- richard

  3. matt_3479

    matt_3479 Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2010
    its basically brand new and has a little bit of work done too it, but i just not positive. figured some of you boys might have some suggestions. he did say with factory ammo it was a moa or less gun, and he hasn't had a chance to work up any hand loads for the sweet spot. what he is offering is basically where he started and tested them a couple times but didn't get a chance to improve on them.