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Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by turtleherder, Dec 24, 2008.

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    Dec 24, 2008
    First time on this type of forum but find I need advise from the experts. I do a lot of serious shooting and am very particular. I do a lot of deer managment and harvest 300+ animals a year for managment purposes. All of my shots are head shots at 100 to 250 yards using a ruger #1 in 223. One of my clients gave me a new "long shooter" for Christmas and need help with where to start. It is a Ruger M77 Mark 2 out of the Ruger custom shop. It had several stops after that to have the lands buffed and polished, custom 2# trigger, bedded, jewelled and on and on. Topped off with a Leupold Mark 4 8.5-25x50 illum. Mil dot scope. It's in a 308 by the way. I live on a frozen lake and coyote are just out of range for anything else I have and want to take a few at 600 to 1000 yrds. This machine is suppose to do it. Can anyone give advice on a long range school I can attend during the winter. I will be in Texas and Oklahoma catching deer from mid-February til mid-March but can work around about any schedule if it is in any of the southern states. Heard there was a good one in Arizona but no luck finding anything on the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Keep up the good work and happy hunting!
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    there is a place called Rifles Only just south of Kingsville Texas.
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    Shawn Carlock of Defensive Edge ( teaches a class. By all reports, a great one. Don't know if he does one in the winter. He also offers a fantastic how to video.

    I believe goodgrouper teaches a class.

    I'm not a fan of Thompsons systems. They make work for you.

    I also teach a class. One day, $125, flexible scheduling.
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    Rather than a "shooting school" consider getting involved in F-class prone competition with that new .308 rifle. Most of the NRA highpower F-class guys are very friendly and helpful with new competitors. With F-class, there's not a lot of specialized equipment required either. Put the rifle on a bipod, get a rear bag for it, and go shoot.

    A typical F-class/prone match is 66 rounds for record, broken into three strings of 20, plus two "sighters" for each. It will teach you to read the wind and mirage very well. Matches are held in pretty much every state, nearly year-round. We even shoot here in Washington in the snow! Silly us. Shooting with the other match shooters is a wonderful education in precision shooting at long range. F-class is out to 1000 yards, so that should scratch your long-range itch!

    If you're hooked on a school, I believe there's a place down in Texas called "Rifles Only" or something like that. Has a good reputation among the sniper-types.

    Regards, Guy