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    Jul 25, 2010
    This may not be the right forum for this but Im not sure if this is even the right way to go about this but i figure i would try and reach out to my fellow outdoorsman for advice and help. The thing is that im trying to find help for my old man, my dad is almost 60 and a father of 5 with 6 grandkids and two of his kids being my youger twin brothers that are 12 (not an easy age to deal with at 60). MY familys from a small town and has worked construction all of his life and anybody from a small town knows its not easy to make a good living for you self or family. Being an avid outdoorsman all of his life that has always been the one me along with all of my siblings have been able to share with him. Now in all of my 25 years i have never heard my dad ask anybody for any kind of help but i have heard him say there are two things he wants to do befor he dies and that is see ACDC live and the other is go on an elk hunt like the guys on tv. He knows that neither one of these will ever happen for lack of money and my older brother and i have always talked about saving the money and sending him on one of the only things hes ever wanted. But rescently finding out he has an aneurysm on his heart that we may never get that chance. Now im not trying to make this out to be a charity case by any means he has to have surgery to have it removed and was told he should pull through just fine and make a full recovery. Even though hes going to make it, it just makes life all that more real like i need to try and get this done because one day he will be gone. Not making alot of money my self and having a family to take care of brings to my question of if there is anybody here that could arange a hunt that could do it for a trade of complete rifle paint jobs ranging from $500-$800 (multipule paint jobs) or possibly a combo of paint and manners comp. stock of your choice, i have one rifle but im willing to trade it, its a AR-10 .308 built by flounder at ga precesion its not a marked ga rifle just built there value at around $2,000 or maybe i could just get a deal on a guided hunt and that price of it. I know there are alot of other people that probably want an guided elk hunt as well and want a good deal and probably desereve it more than me but im just trying to get my old man the one thing that he will never forget in his life. If no one here can help me its ok i just thought i would give it a shot instead of going down with out a fight.
    john jackson