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    Jan 26, 2014
    I need some advice on which rail to go with. I'm putting together a multi purpose rifle. Base rifle is a rem 700. So far I've restocked it and put new bottom metal in. I really want to be able to run an optic and iron sights. I'm currently running a 1 piece picatinny base and would like to stick with that. I was going to go with the Brockman pop up peep sight. I started trading some emails back and forth with the company. It sounds like it could be an option to run their pop up peep on a 1 piece base instead to the 2 piece tally bases they currently use. Their concern was finding a 1 piece base that was tall enough so that the body of the sight didn't interfere w/ the bolt. So now I'm searching for a 1 piece rail that is tall enough. I need a rail that is .360" from valley between the cross slots down to the reciever. They'll have to mill down the last lug to make a flat surface for the peep to mount on. I'd also like to have a 20 moa base. I'm asking a lot from this setup but I'd like to try it out. So can anybody tell me a 1 piece, 20 MOA, picatinny rail that is .360" or more tall from the bottom of the base to the valley between the lugs that'll fit a long action rem 700? Let me know if I wasn't clear in the description. Thanks guys.