**need help for hot summer load development**

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by bigbuck, Jun 14, 2010.

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    Jun 20, 2009
    Let me start by saying that last summer I had a sweet load of 86 grains of retumbo . my best group was 3 shots that you could cover up wuith a dime . Now i've read over and over how in order to be better off @ long range I need all the horsepower I can get so I decided to toss the load that i use to use and start over on the high side . The only thing thats different is I have installed a wyyat's extended box mag so I started with .010 off the lands . The powder charge is as follows.

    89.0 G retumbo .010 off the lands

    89.5 G retumbo .010 off the lands

    90.00 G retumbo .010 off the lands

    90.5 G retumbo .010 off the lands

    91.00 G retumbo .010 off the lands

    I also tried 89.5 g retumbo .020 off the lands , it was better but know were near my old favorite load !

    Now my question to you all is this do you back down for the summer time temps ? If so what is the rule of thumb ? I would like a smokin hot small group load but it looks like i may have trouble finding it in these hot temps ( 90- 100 degrees ) .
    I'm needing a group that will perform out to 1200 YRDS
    Rifle is 300 RUM broughton heavy barrel DE break and recoil lug 210 Bergers 6.5X20X50 Lupy 30 mm tube .
    What would you reccomend ?

    Thanks for any advice/help


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    I did all that with RL25 and Noslers and Bergers and finally said what the heck and switched powders. Now I am finally seeing promising results.
    It is always hot here in Arizona too, so I have been trying to get out early in the AM. By 9:30-10:00 the mirage starts giving you fitts, you can look thru the scope and watch the orange target dot moving around like it is on a string.
    Stay away from any temp. sensitive powders, that's why I got rid of RL powders.
    Keep trying, don't get discouraged, you'll nail it.

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    Jun 20, 2009
    Thanks tarey for the reply and encouragment . I sure need it . I got up saturday and was setting up my target by 7.30 . i was finished shooting loaded up and headed home by 9:30 . I checked the temp on the back deck and it said 101 degrees . I have had real good results with retumbo i'm going to try some different things then i'll try h-1000 and see how it does. I've read were several guys on this site are loading retumbo from 92 to 94 grains . their is no way i can do that with my rifle not unless i want to hammer the bolt up .