need advice with which rifle to go with

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  1. G22inSC

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    Dec 21, 2007
    I want a short (20") deer rifle. Should I go with a Rem SPS Tactical in a HS 700P "takeoff" stock or a Savage/Stevens long-action build (308 or 7-08) with a 20" Shilen match barrel in a Stockade woodchuck stock? I am reallly leaning toward the Savage build; however, I want the HS 700P stock and I do not believe there is another similar stock for the Savage. What would you'll do?
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  2. jahollis

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    Sep 30, 2008
    Go with the savage. I've always been a fan of savage's guns. If its alright to make assumtions i'd think you was building a quick gun for close range use. (20) if thats so, go with the 30-06.

  3. johnnyk

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    Dec 24, 2001
    Just so you'll know; Savage has or is coming out with the Accu-stock. It has an aluminum rib molded into the stock, somewhat like the HS Precision's.

    Quote: "They (contractor) managed to mold an aluminum rib into the stock. It is integral, not glued or screwed in." This rib is really a spine or backbone. It runs from tang to fore-end tip and is completely encapsulated in plastic. It is, in fact, the entire bedding platform for the rifle." Unquote.

    I recently read about it in the September 2008 edition of Guns & Ammo. This is a great example of Savage listening to the customer. We (most riflemen) complained about they lousy factory triggers and they came up with the AccuTrigger, we complained about their flimsy synthetic stocks and now they've come up with the AccuStock. Savage want's you're business!
    I'm not a huge Savage fan, but their rifles are just as accurate. I have two Remingtons (Sendero & 700P), two Winchesters (Coyote & HVB) and one Savage (BVSS) in the gun rack right now, so I shoot them all. They all produce sub .5" groups with my handloads.
    You may be able to "google" AccuStock or call Savage directly. Don't know much info about it, just that's it's coming. JohnnyK.