Need Advice For Setting Up Custom Rifle

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by iSnipe, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. iSnipe

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    Nov 23, 2008
    I'm an owner of over-the-counter rifles. I mean guns that don't have much "customizing" done to them. The only thing I've really done to enhance the accuracy of my guns is to have the trigger worked on by a gunsmith. I like a good crisp 3lbs.

    Ok, here's my deal... my favorite guns are the Remington 700's in either the BDL or ADL. The problem is my BDL's are too pretty to bring in the deer woods, so they keep me a fair-weather hunter. I'm not looking for something super great or expensive. Now keep in mind I'm looking for advice, so if you want to add or have different recommendations to my setup, that's cool. My simple setup I'm looking to create or put together is below:

    1. Remington 700 in .260 or .308. Leaning heavy to the .260.
    2. Synthetic stock in either Rem, Ultimate Sniper or McMillan.
    3. Will have the stock pillar bedded.
    4. Have trigger pull adjusted to 3lbs.
    5. Have barrel free-floated.

    By Rem, I mean a typical synthetic stock provided by Remington with some of their rifles. Nothing great, but practical. I do prefer a synthetic stock of some kind, no wood.

    Not sure of scope, but thinking of a Leupold for now. I know there are better, but don't want to spend the big $ just yet. Oh, I mean a Leupold with long range turrets so I can make adjustments on the fly. I use and love my Nikon Monarchs, but none have any adjustments.(all fixed, like 3-10x50, etc)

    Do you have recommendations on what Leupold or other turret scope I could start with? I want to keep within the $375 range.

    I may also be happy with just a plain Remington synthetic stock, but will have to have the barrel custom made or bought if I get a .260. 260's are harder to come by so I have additional questions there...

    Couldn't I just get a .260 barrel from Remington?

    If I have to get a .260 barrel made, where do you recommend I start at?

    * Most my previous deer shots were within 200 yards, but I will be purposely hunting in more areas this year where the distances will be out to 600 yards.

    * Long shots will be shot off a secure rest of some sort or shooting table.

    * Several ammunition brands, bullet weights, bullet styles, etc, will be tested to see which one this gun will like. If I can't get to what I'm looking for, I'm willing to get some loads custom made.

    To me, the above idea I have for a rifle is simple and cost effective. I know of more and better ways to accurize a gun, but I want to keep costs down, yet have something I can impress myself with both in the deer woods and at the range. :D

    "I'd appreciate any advice, opinions, etc, you can give me to aid in my quest for a long range rifle!"


    P.S. "If you have a .260 barrel that'll fit one of the stocks I have listed above that you are willing to sell, please PM me."
  2. MN Hunter

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    Feb 4, 2009
    I would do a couple of things.
    Determine your budget.
    List out exactly what you want. Be brief and to the point.
    Do some research on gunsmiths. There are several on this site.
    Chose a couple and send an email - also ask them what they think can be done within your budget.
    Make sure you include end use in your email.
    Have fun with this and good luck.

  3. joseph

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    Jul 26, 2009
    Hi iSnipe,

    You have not told us the $ amount you are willing to spend.??? If you are considering a McMillian A5 tactical stock you probably will spend more than I did. A trued Mod. 700 action will cost around $650. Then you will need a barrel, stock, pillar & glass bedding + assembled.

    I was in the position that I only wanted to spend about $1000, but sacrificed and spent $443 more and got an outstanding shooting rifle. Much more accurate than I expected. In fact I probably will never buy an off the shelf rifle again because of how accurate mine shoots.

    This is what I wrote on another Forum:

    This is what I did with my first time build.

    I could have saved another $150 off of what I spent by doing 2 things differently and still had the same rifle. One was to have Kevin buy the action instead of paying full price and having Brux Barrels taper the barrel blank instead of having Kevin do it.

    I seem to be able to hit 1/8" dots with it at 200 & 1/16" dots at 100 yds. when I read the wind correctly when shooting for score. Next time I'll have wind flags to watch. I also need to practice, practice & practice. The rifle seems capable of extreme accuracy.

    It was built by Kevin Rayhill at Stockade Gun Stocks. Stockade Gun Stocks - specializing in custom rifles

    I had Brux Barrels send a 6mm barrel blank directly to Kevin. At the same time I sent my Coplan hard rifle case with a Savage Target action with the left load port and right eject bolt with the target accu-trigger.

    I had Kevin turn the contour, bore the chamber for .271 no neck turn 6mm Norma BR. so I can touch the lands with 107 gr. Berger & smaller to maybe 80 gr(?). He also threaded it and cut it to 26" and crown the end. I asked him not to blueprint the action to save a few nickels. Then he assembled everything into one of his Prairie Dog Special/Tactical stocks that he put a third pillar and glass bedded it for me. I asked him not to finish and paint the stock so I could save some more nickels. (There was very little filling and sanding). I had him add the rail under the forearm so the bipod could be adjustable. I also had the adjustable cheek piece added along with a flush mounted swivel stud added under the butt stock so it would slide on the rear bag better.

    When I talked to him before he sent it he told me that he shot 7 rounds using Varget and Berger 105 gr. Match VLDs at 100 yards. First two shots to get on the bullseye and then 5 shots for group size. This was never fired Lapua brass. He said I have a "HUMMER". The group measured .084". WOW!!

    To say the very least I am very excited. :):):)

    "Aim small miss small", :D


    PS: If I had gotten the action from him I would have saved more nickels too.
    Total $1443.00 including shipping.
  4. roninflag

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    Feb 27, 2006
    you can get a rem 700 sps varmint in 308 and 7mm-08 but not 260. if you are not getting a rem 700 sendero you should get a tikka t3 varmint ( my caliber pick would be 7mm mag or 30-06) check their catalog and see what caliber you like.
  5. liltank

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    Nov 3, 2008
    I know you are a Remington fan, but if you want to save yourself some hassle, I would look into the 6.5x284 in the F/TR rifle by Savage. 30"stainless steel, pillar bedded, target action, 1" contour, but it does have a laminated stock. All the accuracy you will ever need.