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    Oct 9, 2009
    Hey guys,
    I have a question for yall, actually I just need some opinions. I have a new 300 win mag It is the rem 700 with 5R barrel. I am getting ready to start load development. I will be using most likely rem brass. Is it really nescesary to use something like rwi I mean i have had good luck with rem in the past but have not used anything else so i don't have anything to compare it to. I will be using RL22 or 25 powder. But my real question is about bullet selection. I am usually a fan of the 208 amax I have some loads from a previous rifle and this gun seems to like them fairly well. I have done one test with the berger 210s they look decent as well. But that is at 100 just preliminaary stuff. I am looking for good grouping but the hunting performance is my main concern. Basicly are the bergers $16 a box better, I am aware that matchkings are a no go for hunting. I have killed whitetail with the amax and that is what i would primarily be hunting but if i were ever presented the chance to go elk hunting I don't want to have to make a new load and get new dope, you understand i'm sure. Also what about the 178 amax that is what i use in my 308 it is a 5r as well and performs very well how much would i be losing performance wise. Thanks guys I apreciate any info you can give me

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    I would look at the 210 Bergers and H-1000. The H-1000 stays pretty consistant with the difference in temperature, more so that the RL's. I have worked up several 300 wins using 210 Bergers and H-1000. This is my choice for hunting with a 300. As far as bullet performance from the 210. My experience has been great. Everything from antelope, WT deer, Muleys, Black Buck, Aoudad Ram and the elk below. 50 yards to 800 plus, Never tracked one.

    Hope this sheds a little light on your decission.

    Good Luck


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    Jun 12, 2001
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    I feel that bullets in the180 to 210grain range are the best for the 300 WM and lighter
    bullets don't get the most out of the 300.

    My choice would probably be the 180 accubond for hunting out to 800 yards and the
    210 Berger for longer distances.

    I prefer the consistences of performance on game of the Accubonds but the 210 Berger
    is a known performer at extreme distances.

    The A Max is also a good bullet and a 180 A Max will do fine if it shoots as good as the
    other two I have mentioned.

    As far as brass: the Remington works fine if properly sorted and prepped. but if you don't
    mind paying more for the brass it is worth the difference in price.

    Just an opinion

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    Just remember to buy the best brass you can (Norma for this rifle) and not everyone who competes or just shoots for fun use Berger’s. The SMK is available in several weights.