Need a 6mm-284 load

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Randy338, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Randy338

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    Dec 16, 2006
    I have a 1-10 twist Shilen Barrel and I want to load the 95 grain berger for deer hunting. Can anyone give me some loads to try on this one?
  2. A17Shooter

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    Dec 15, 2004

    Here's what I have load data for. 1-9" twist, 30" K-N-P Barrel with a long throat. For the 95 Berger my best load was with 7828 & a Federal 210. At 3421 fps it shot 1.27" @ 200 yds. Reccommend you start at 53.5 gr 7828 powder.

    Another load, this time the 100 gr Sierra. Start the 7828 at about 53 gr and use a Fed 210. When I got to 3410 fps it had a SD of 10 and a group of .68". This is probably a better deer bullet than the Berger.

    For the velocity you can expect, subtract 50 fps for every inch your barrel is shorter than the 30" barrel I used.

    Be careful, start low and work up.


  3. Eric Stecker

    Eric Stecker <b>SPONSOR</b>

    Jul 27, 2007
    Berger load data


    I cannot help you with pet loads however to receive a full spread of min and max loads send an email directly to Walt Berger at Let him know the cartridge and bullet you want to shoot and he will reply with a full spread of data usually in the same day.

    A17Shooter and All,

    Our 6mm 95 gr VLD and 105 gr VLD have been extremely successful as a deer bullet. It has been described by many highly experienced hunters as the best deer killing bullet they have ever used. To see how the Berger VLD work on game send an email to to request our free Hunting with Berger VLD video. It will show you several animal taken with the Berger 6mm VLDs anong many others. I strongly suggest that you try them before you form and relay an opinion.

  4. bedrock

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    Sep 9, 2007
    I'm real happy with 53.5 grs of H1000 and 105/107 gr bullets.
  5. uncleB

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    Aug 19, 2005
    This is a good question that I have a somewhat complicated answer for. First off Berger recommend's a 1-9" twist for the 95gr VLD . but at the velocity you will be driving it at a 1-10" should work fine. One thing that might be a problem is that the 95gr VLD Berger has a very short bearing surface and from my experience shoots best touching the lands. it is my bullet of choice in my 6B.R.Imp. but does not shoot all that great in my 6mm-284 because my throat is too long. If you can reach the lands then try H4831,VV165 or RL22.
    Not to stir the pot but I have to put in my 2cents worth on Eric Stecker's comments "105gr VLD have been extremely successful as a deer bullet".
    I am a bigger Berger bullet fan than most but when it comes to the 6mm 105gr VLD I could never recommend this bullet for big game, if it comes apart in my barrel at times how could I trust it on a trophy animal?? On the other hand I have witnessed several animals taken flawlessly with the 6mm 95grVLD and the 6.5 140gr VLD.
  6. velocity-is-key

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Have lots of experience with the 6/284 and Bergers..Mine a 1:8 twist Kreiger will stabilize the 95-105 and 115 VLDs...95 may be too long for the 10 twist as the VLD can be finicky BUT the key with all my loads were to find the distance to lands and that bullet will really shine and especially at loooong range.. Mine? The 105 VLD likes .120" off the lands!!I know that sounds rediculous but time after time of testing proved it while the Noslar loved the .010" typical to most BTs...My advice is if you must try the heavy VLD in the 10; Give yourself a long jump to the lands which will "lower pressure" And reload to max out the load in the end (work up) as the round may not stabilize in the 100-200yd range "fully" but may beyond the 400 mark...Maxing it out safely will help to stabilize a inadequate twist rate sometimes..Boat tails and VLD bullets are not as accurate at "closer ranges" than the flat base bullets, Hence the bench resters all shoot the flats; they stabilize quicker... However, they (VLDs) have the advantage at longer ranges when they have time to stabilize and can counteract the effects of drag better than a flats...Just built a new 6/284 with a 1:12 mainly for the 70 VLD in mind...My load for the 1:8 was 52 grains of H4831, CCI BR2 Primers using a 105 Berger VLD out of a 19 inch barrel (thats right) suppressed .120 off the lands yielded 3150 FPS..Staggering for that combo...The barrel (a 1.350") was cut down from 29" to 19" as using the silencer made it too long but velocity was gained back due to the powder change and distance to lands along with losing over a pound of barrel and stiffening it at the same time...I only really lost 200+ fps; well worth the move...I routinely kill varmints (coons, possums fox, skunks and dogs) at 900 plus yards with a high power thermal at night watching the bullet too the target seeing its glowing trajectory...Seriously....
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  7. ZSteinle

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    Jan 30, 2008
    bringing back an old thread. ever get the 95's to shoot? Thinking of trying some in my 6-284. currently using 105's at 3250 and they put the hurt on deer! Just looking for some more speed.
  8. AZShooter

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    Dec 12, 2005
    24" 6mm-284 necked down Lapua 6.5-284, fed 210 match, 52 gr of H4350 3350 fps with 95 gr Berger classic hunter.