My son shot his 1st called coyote

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  1. Rabbiddog

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Took my 11 yr old coyote hunting this morning. We've been trying to get him his 1st coyote for a while now but this is the 1st time he's gone for awhile. since schools out its time to spend time in the woods with family and friends.
    We got to the ranch around 5:30am and made our way to the valley where BgBambo and I have called in a lot of yotes.
    I played kitten dis. and at about the 8 min mark this coyote appeared looked like last years pup real scrony and nasty looking.
    I had it in my sights but I didn't want to shoot it I wanted my son to have his chance.It saw me move when I swung my rifle to get it in the scope and it was look at me then the Mojo then me and it finally let down its guard and continued to the Mojo I wanted to see how this would play out I could tell it was a young yote and I was hoping it would commit I'm getting tired of shootingall the coyotes when I take my son.........I'm just a dawg hawg with every body else time for my son to drop one.
    I had the video camera rolling but in my hasty to get the yote to stop again for my kid to get a shot I forgot all about the video so I got the whole thing except the shot that got him his 1st coyote I'll still put it up later.
    I whooped the coyote to a stop just off camera and it stopped broadside and the rest is handled by Colby and his Savage 243.
    Colby made a nice 80-100 yd shot he did hit it a little far back but he told me on the way home he was shakin so much he didn't think he was gonna hit it but he did and now he's hooked like I am.
    This was a good morning as he gets older I want to spend more time outdoors with him. Next year he can hunt deer can't wait for that.


    HARPERC Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2011
    May it never get old even as he does. Tell him congratulations from WA.

  3. Korhil78

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Well, you let him know that no matter how many yotes he gets to shoot, the heart still gets to pounding the same as if it was your first yote. That and the challenge is why it never gets old. I have killed a lot of yotes and my heart gets to pounding when I first see the yote. Good job!
  4. window licker

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    Jun 14, 2012
    good work judging by his facial expressions it wont be hard to get him out there again.