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    Jan 14, 2006
    My name is Frank Stone and I've recently completed publication of my second novel titled Ivory Hunter.

    Ivory Hunter is a story of action and high adventure set in East Central Africa following the turn of the twentieth century. It tracks the fourteen year career of an American market gunner by the name of Rod Parker in an action packed tale of courage and danger in the hunting fields of Africa. The story follows Parker's restless quest for wealth and his lust for adventure in British East Africa during the golden age of the ivory trade. It goes much deeper than just following his hunting career, it is the story of his personal search for happiness and contentment that no amount of monetary wealth can seem to satisfy.

    This tale is an action/adventure story with a blend of firearms, hunting, and wildlife lore. It is not by any means intended as an anti-hunting story, but it is intended to have an anti-poaching, anti-exploitation theme.

    If you'll pardon the pun I have found that a novel about hunting is a sort of novelty in itself. It appears that there are so many true tales about hunting that there seems to be very few fiction stories centering on this fascinating subject. Just the same, having been an avid outdoorsman and hunter all of my life I have chosen this subject for my new novel.

    Ivory hunter is currently available online through the publisher at iUniverse as well as Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

    In the event that you are interested in taking a look, even if it's out of idle curiosity, below is a link that will bring up my page with the publisher. The look inside feature at Amazon should be available soon, in the meantime you can view everything from the titlepage through chapter one by clicking the browse before you buy button at the bottom of my page at iUniverse.

    This is the link to my page with the publisher-