My nephew shows some promise!

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    My nephew Patrick is 14 yrs. old; lives in Sheboygan, Wisconsin (a misplaced Rebel) and came down to visit two weeks with me this past summer! He likes deer hunting and rifles and one afternoon he asked me to take him to the range and show him some things! This kid had never shot any LR previously but after about 30 minutes of instruction he shot a pretty decent group from 900 yards. The target is my Creedmoor target I use to practice Creedmoor shooting with my BPC rifles at ranges from 800, 900, and 1000 yards. Main bullseye is 44" diameter and the center plate which is raised from the large plate is 20" diameter. It's the same target used in NRA LR shooting today. All this shooting is done with aperture sights by the way; no scopes!

    After a little instruction on shooting position, sight alignment, and trigger control Patrick shot the following rounds shown within the photo. His first round hit at the edge of the ten ring plate at the 9 o/clock side and he put the others pretty much toward center. Group is a little elongated vertically but after explaining to him about how to control his breathing....he did better the next afternoon! The boy has been "bitten"!

    The rifle? Just my old NRA Match Rifle in '06! I took it out of the match stock and stuffed it into another stock I had; pillar bedded and the whole works! The rifle shoots 180 gr. Sciroccos to a "fair you well!"