My first build.

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  1. joseph

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    Jul 26, 2009
    6mm Norma BR.

    Savage left load right eject Target Action with 6oz. to 16 oz. target Accu-trigger

    Brux 26" heavy varmint barrel blank. 1 in 8" twist.

    Chambered, tapered, threaded, crowned & assembled by Stockade Gun Stocks.

    Prairie Dog / Tactical stock pillar (3) bedded by Stockade Gun Stocks.

    Options: tactical rail under forearm, flush mounted sling swivel under butt stock & adjustable cheek piece.

    I finished filling sanding & painted the stock myself to save $$$. (First time I ever tried it = very easy). :):):):)

    Pictures here: Popguns stock is finished. - Georgia Outdoor News Forum


    PS: I am not very computer smart and do not know how to attach pictures here. Sorry.
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    Feb 8, 2009
    THAT IS $%^&@* INCREDIBLE. You made a great decision going with the Stockade. I have the older version of the same stock. How much would you charge for a paintjob like yours. Mine was painted by Kevin Rayhill of Stockade but lookin at your stock just now made my nips get hard. Damn that hot.

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