My Caribou Hunt (not long range)

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    Aug 20, 2006
    I just returned from Kuujjuaq in northern Quebec last week. Me and two buddies each got two bull caribou. We were using the outfitter Safari Nordik.

    We drove to Montreal Canada. Then we flew from Montreal to Kuujjuaq, where we then got in a sea plane (Beaver) and flew another hour and a half to camp.

    Float Plane

    we unloaded and went by boat to camp;

    We checked the zero on our rifles and went hunting. We traveled up the river about a mile and a half and exited the boat so the guide could go through some rapids. We motored up the river to a second set of rapids where we all exited the boat for a short walk past the rapids to were another boat was positioned. We traveled a short way up the river when we started seeing caribou. We pulled to the opposite shore and watched. John shot first and anchored a large gray bodied bull at a 209 yards. Did I mention that it started to rain and the temperature dropped like a rock? We continued to see more bulls but they were 400 to 600 yards away. Did I mention that it was sleeting?
    We jumped into the boat and crossed the river. It was my turn and I picked out a Bull that was moving from left to right. Being above the tree line there was not much cover. There is plenty of this bush that looks very much like an azalea. I crawled on all fours for about 30 yards. The caribou started to move back in the direction they had come, back to the left. There were about 100. Did I mention that it was hailing? I dropped my pack and crawled on my belly for about 20 more yards and moved behind a large bolder. The bull continued in the direction which would put me in a very good shooting position. Did I mention that it was snowing?

    The bull crossed in front of me and I shot him at about 70 yards with my .308. The 165 grain Speer soft point boat tail did its job. The Caribou dropped without taking a step.

    My first bull

    My third buddy wound up following me up the hill from the boat on his belly also. He was able to connect with a real nice bull at about 130 yards. He actually had to wait behind the rock with me until he had a clear shot without a chance of shooting through the bull and hitting another animal.

    We then had our work cut out (pun intended) we had three bulls down that needed to be caped and butchered. Meat carried to the boat down the the rapids, moved back to the other boat. Did i mention that it was freezing rain? Back to camp with 3 foot swells on the river. Did I mention that it was windy and sleeting again?

    Day two was clear but cold and going back to the same location we were all able to take a second bull.

    My second bull shot on the beach after is crossed the river.

    the third day it was raining, snowing, windy and raw in the morning. After lunch it cleared off enough to take a hike for a few miles to explore the country. It is very rugged country with rock and the bushes that look like Azalea. We saw at lease another 100 caribou on that walk, including several nice bulls.

    On my walk

    Rugged country

    Till next time

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    Aug 15, 2009
    Good pictures and lots of smiles.

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    May 31, 2001
    Great pics, looks like you had a lot of fun!
    Have never been on a bow hunt but its definatly on my tado list
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    Looks like you had a Ball.