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    Dec 11, 2008
    Not long afer I became an active participant on this forum I brought up the subject of muzzle brakes. Back then I was of the opinion that If you couldn't just hold'em and squeez'em you needed to get another gun.

    Then on another forum I got into a discussion where some other things were brought to my attention that i didn't realize. That conversation left thinking that a muzzle brake can be a useful tool for something other than its primary function of reducing recoil.

    Since that conversation I have had a muzzle brake from Roedale precision mounted on my .308. When I took it to the range, that experience was much more than I exptected. Being able watch the bullet impact, dial a correction, and fire the second round all withough taking your head off the gun(I am shooting a bolt gun) is more than worth the price of a good brake. I can now shoot off a hard concrete bench using a bipod with no muzzle jump . That alone is a blessing when you are trying to get hard dope for your rifle cartridge combination.

    We all have our own opinions on brakes and I would never tell another shooter he or she was wrong for choosing not to use one. I for one have been convinced that a good brake is a worth while excessory for my guns.

    As a parting shot. shooting something a mild as a .308 my gun is not much louder with a brake than with out one. Wearing double hearing protection (which I wear even when I am shooting my wifes 10/22) I all but couldn't tell the difference. Shooting large magnum calibers your milage may very in the decible department

    in closing if its safe and gives you more control, its a worth while piece of kit. Just don't knock'em till you try one.
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    Thanks for sharing.
    All of us continue to learn (and even change our mind from time to time) if we keep an open mind.

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    Jul 18, 2008
    See who say's you cant teach a old dog new tricks. Breaks are great arent they.