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    Nov 20, 2010
    I have a new hart 26" barrel sendero contour. i like to long range hunt and target practice. I am new to a 300 ultra and have never used a brake. My questions are 1 )Do DIFFERENT brakes or designs have anything to do with accuracy or will one not differ from another? 2) If I was to paint the barrel and have a brake permantly attached to the barrel, would that be ok or do you need to have a brake taken off the barrel when to clean the brake proper? Thanks!!

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    Dec 20, 2008
    Welcome to LRH and enjoy!

    NO! The muzzle brake does not touch the bullet or alter its ballistic path. A muzzle brake will not affect the accuracy of the first shot fired because the bullet has already left the barrel at the instant that the muzzle brake takes effect.

    Depending on the shooter and the rifle in question, the muzzle brake may affect the accuracy of subsequent shots, not by altering the function of the firearm, but by allowing the shooter to maintain an accurate site picture between shots, and by alleviating muscle strain resulting from harsh recoil -- thus avoid/reduce flinching, that can significantly affect the shot's accuracy.

    I leave all my muzzle brakes attached at all times and requires minimal cleaning.

    I'm sure the guys will chime in soon. Happy safe shooting/hunting.


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    There are many styles of breaks and they all perform differently.

    There are large port breaks (Holland, DE,painkiller. ETc)that are the most efective but they
    are very loud.

    These can be cleaned without taking them off the rifle.

    The breaks with small holes like the Vias,Gentry,Klinegunther, ETC. need to be removed
    and each hole needs to be brushed using bore solvent to remove carbon and prevent
    any build up. (They will become less efficient). This type of brake is less efective in recoil
    reduction but are much quieter.

    As far as accuracy if installed correctly they should not effect accuracy. And a brake may
    help accuracy if the recoil is effecting the shooter.

    I personally dont use them where it is not nessary but on some of my rifles I do (The very
    worst recoiling ones).

    So if you to permanently attach and paint, then I would choose one of the ported brakes.

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    I have brakes on most of my rifles from 243 on up to 338edge. mostly for my little girl that hunts but i like them as well they will help with muzzle jump and any bad habits that may come from a hard kicking rifle. plus i don't like getting the crap punched out of me to try and enjoy shooting my rifles.
    If you shoot prone are plan to then a side discharge brake like the the DE are pain killer are really nice and don't blow dirt all over you like one with holes all the way around. Sound protection is a must. but i must admit that when hunting i some time forget and just shoot but 9 times out of 10 i have plenty of time don't forget.