MTC cold weather ballistic day (MI)

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    Mar 23, 2013
    Saturday, March 8th 9:00am
    Cold Weather Ballistics Data Day
    WhenSat, March 8, 9am – 4pm

    DescriptionMost of us solar powered snipers never truly test the temperature deviation – now’s a good time. The focus will be on the technical capabilities of your rifle, optics, and ammunition. Throughout this day participants will measure cold bore deviation, perform group test, measure muzzle velocity, long range wind zero, collect comprehensive weather data, and detailed instruction on use of ballistic software firing solutions as well as measure trigger pull, rifle weight, scope tracking, mil/moa reticle calibration verification.
    You can use our torque wrenches and scope level bubbles too.
    We’ll be indoor and outdoor throughout the day. We’ll bring something warm to eat for lunch.
    After training is over, feel free to pound steel at your leisure.

    Marksmanship Training Center