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    Jun 25, 2003
    G'day all,
    I'm making the step up to medium long range shooting. It's not my primany form of hunting, there are some places I hunt that if willing will allow me to make 400m - 600 and a few 1000m areas too, but I don't think I'm up to that yet.

    Anyway what I'm doing is going about builing a heavy, stable tactical stype rifle in .308win for smedium (roe deer, fallow deer and wild boar) out to 600m.

    Like I posted in the Long Range Hunting Forum I have done a lot of shooting @ 300m with a 6PPC heavy varminter and do a lot of target with it.

    On paper it will go into 1 inch @ 300m .2 at 100 on a good day.

    the scope is a NF 3.5-15x56 and about right for shooting out to 300m in my opinion.

    The 6PPC is rather an aneamic caliber, but very accurate, hence my chosing the .308win over .300RUM and 7mmSTW for my first serious LRH rig.

    The 6PPC's accuracy and my confidence in the weapon have far outweighed any ballisted "whimpyness" so for this type of game I can't imagine having any problems with the .308win.

    On the .308 I want to move up to a NF 8-32x56, I like high mag and tend to use the 3.5-15 as a fixed 15x.

    I am fairly new to 300m+ shooting so I'm open to any suggestions.

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    Jul 27, 2001
    Welcome and sounds like you are heading in the right direction. Get a Leica rangefinder so that you can range accurately and quickly. Work up accurate, reliable loads. I would lean to 155gr Amax/MK, and 165gr SST for your work past 300yds. Varget is a great powder for the 308Win case.

    Lots and lots of practise from field positions at the ranges you want to hunt. Shoot under any weather condition you will hunt in. Learn to dope the wind.

    After that, the hunting part is pretty straight forward. Set up, see game, range, adjust for conditions, take shot, clean animal.

    I am surprised that you can hunt that far in Italy. Was there and got the impression that there was a house or town every 100yds or so.

    Good luck...